Aight, i was born in Brooklyn, NY and had love for hip- hop at an early age. I was into break dancing and rhyming. You could catch me at home break dancing in the living room or on corner in a cipher.

I loved rap music and in New York it was everywhere. Pops used to throw mad house parties in the 70′s and early 80s with a real-to-reel, turntables and tape decks. I still have some of his WBLS mixes on reel! My moms was an avid church goer, so no rap music in the house. Yeah right. I used to listen to hot 97 all day and tape the mixshows. I would spend money on mixtapes, walkmans or headphones before i bought that slice or beef patty.

So fast forward to 90, i got my first turntables and they were garbage. One was a pioneer and the other was a technics. Both were belt drive and only one had pitch control. Needless to say my early days of being a dj was wack with diggy insurance. I will say this though, I learned how to blend the shit out of records. Scratching, well thats another story.

Then one day a dj by the name of ligtning rod was selling some used 1200′s and i asked everyone i knew for money. Once i got those joints DJ Nyce was born.

I honed my skills by listening to the best; Funkmaster Flex, Evil Dee, etc and practicing, practicing, practicing. My style is a cross between a mixshow dj and a club dj. I love blending acapellas with hot instrumentals; dj’s don’t do that anymore.

So now i’m here; i got big things planned. I just made the move to Washington, D.C. and i plan on taking the city by storm.

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