Patrick Swayze 1952-2009


Actor Patrick Swayze succumbed to his fight with cancer today. Swayze, 57 has had a successful career as an actor and a short stint as a singer. Instead of writing a post focused on his death, we at We Make The Crowd will choose to celebrate his life my listing our favorite Swayze movies.

Dirty Dancing


Red Dawn

Road House

The Outsiders

Point Break

Max B Sentenced to 75 Years


Harlem rapper and Dipset member Max B. was sentended to 75 years in prison for his role in a robberyattempt that led to a double murder in a Fort Lee, NJ hotel in September of 2006.

Max B. and his co-d Kevin Leerdam were convicted on charges of felony murder, kidnapping and armed robbery for planning and robbing Allan Plowden and David Taylor.

The robbery was planned by Max B.’s ex-girlfriend Gina Conway who got a great plea deal and testified against the pair. An 18-year sentence is scheduled to be handed down to Conway while Leerdam received a life sentence plus an additional 35 years.

Kids another example that crime does not pay…all the time.

DJ AM Found Dead


Celebrity DJ, DJ AM was found dead in his NYC apartment today around 5:20 PM. It is currently unclear what the cause of death was but early reports confirm drug paraphernalia at the scene.

DJ AM, whose real name was Adam Goldstein was a celebrity DJ was most known for dating Nicole Richie and Mandy Moore.

Last year Goldstein and punk rock drummer Travis Barker survived a plane crash in South Carolina which killed four people. The crash was caused by an aborted takeoff which forced the plane off the runway. Goldstein and Barker were the only survivors and were seriously burned escaping the plane.

DJ AM was an icon in the DJ community and will be missed. Our condolences go out to his family.

Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein (1973-2009)

Bow Wow Signs To Cash Money


Bow Wow speaks on his recent jump to Lil Wayne, Baby and their Young Money and Cash Money record labels.

“To the naysayers, I hope that you give me the opportunity to earn your respect,” he wrote Tuesday (August 18) night. “I know that over the years I’ve put many of my faults on display which I make no excuses for. I’m young and I’ve made mistakes and I will make more. No different than any other 22 year old, I still have some growing up to do…To anyone who’s confused or says I don’t belong in Cash Money. Let me remind you that I’ve been down with Baby, Slim, Wayne and the whole Cash Money family from the beginning. 10 years ago when we really were ‘Lil’ me and Wayne did a song for the Hardball movie soundtrack. Baby was influential in my third album. Last year, Wayne and I spent 2 months together in New Orleans filming Hurricane Season. So please don’t be misinformed and think I’m just jumpin’ on ‘what’s hot’ or trying to ride others success. This has been my extended family for more than a decade…And since everyone is asking, me and JD are cool! Nothing has or will change. He’ll always be that father figure that I never had and we’ll continue to make hits.” (Global Grind)

“People have been wondering where I’ve been,” a voice says on the rapper’s YouTube page. “For the past days, I’ve been here, keeping away from all human contact. Thinking. Strategizing my next move. I’ll come out of hiding when it is time. This is a new me. A new look, for now. This is all you see. The mystery continues.” (Prince Bow Wow’s YouTube Page)

“I’m going to talk directly into the camera because I know people are probably in the office getting calls saying Bow Wow was on here talking about he wants off Columbia Records,” he said in a video. “Everybody in the office at Columbia Records, do me a favor. My fans, they see it. They recognize it. They see you guys ain’t working as hard as you guys used to work back in 2000. It’s a big difference, they see it…Can you please grant me this one wish? Columbia, can you please grant me this wish and let me go? That’s all I’m asking, please let me go. Please, please, please, please, please, please. Thank y’all, I’m out.” (Justin TV)