Master Cleanse Diet Day 3

Day 3 – Thursday Dec 11, 2008

Today i drank the salt water even faster. Poo was the same.

I drank about 40 oz of lemonade throughout the day and went to the gym.

Man these food commercials got my mouth watering. Pizza, wendy’s, burger king. When i get off i’m going to celebrate at Clydes with a nice atlantic salmon or swordfish.

Day 3 – 186 lbs. – lost 6lbs

Master Cleanse Diet Day 2

Day 2 – Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

Today i was able to drink the salt water faster (an hour this time). I’m still getting used to it, but i just gulp it down and try not to think how it doesn’t taste like red kool aid.

Poo situation is the same as yesterday, but now i have some baby wipes.

I drank about 40 oz of lemonade throughout the day and went to the gym. I hooped for about 3 hours without any loss of fatigue of being hungry.

Got on the scale and voila 188 lbs.

Day 2 – 188 lbs. – lost 4lbs

Master Cleanse Diet Day 1

Day 1 – Tuesday Dec 9, 2008

So i woke up this morning and felt fine. it was time for the salt water flush. You’re supposed to drink 32 oz of water mixed with uniodized sea salt. I didn’t have a 32 oz container so i had to drink it twice in my 16 oz container. The salt water wasn’t the worst tasting thing in the world. I was scarred because i heard how bad it tasted and how people we’re throwing up. It did take me 2 hours to drink it though.

About 45 minutes later, i’m running to the bathroom. Poo is running out of me like a faucet. This lasts about 2 hours (i was going about every 15 minutes). I highly recommend wipes because if you use toiled tissue, your ass will be ruined after 10 days.

After my poo situation it was time for the lemonade. I didn’t have a juicer so i had to use the fork method for jucing the lemon. I got about 5-7 tablespoons of lemon juice, pulp and seeds using this method. The lemonade concoction is actually pretty good. The pinch of cayenne pepper didn’t bother me at all. Alot of people were saying that it was too hot.

So i drank about 20 oz of the lemonade during the day before i went to the gym. I was concerned that i wouldn’t have energy to lift weights. But i got it in without any issues working on my chest and midsection.

I weighed myself while i was at the gym. Whoa! I lost 2 lbs!

Went home drank another 10 oz of the lemonade, played xbox, watched a Jericho marathon on netflix. Drank my senna tea, then went to bed.

See you tomorrow.

Day 1 – Weight 190 – lost 2 lbs.

Master Cleanse Diet

So i got an email awhile back from one of my favorite newsletters, Black Beach Week. In it was a story about how Beyonce lost like 20 lbs in 10 days from this ‘lemondade’ diet. This lemonade diet, the Master Cleanse Diet, is a 10-day fast that is used for detoxification and weight loss.

The Master Cleanse Diet was developed by Stanley Burroughs, an alternative health practitioner. In 1976, Burroughs presented this diet in his book, The Master Cleanser.

I work out 3-4 days a week and try to eat pretty well, but i still couldn’t shed pounds and get rid of my love handles or beer belly. Anyways i thought i would try this diet because it worked for Beyonce and hundreds of other people i have found on the internet.

With the wealth of information out on the internet i will not repeat the how’s of this diet, but give my insight on a daily basis whilst on the diet.

Day Before

I spent today rounding up the ingredients. Not hard to find if you have a Whole Foods. Whole Foods has organic lemons, but you’ll have to buy them by the bag. Also, grade b maple syrup is very pricey. This ain’t Aunt Jemima.

I have decided to eat light today because i figure i wanted the 1st morning poo to be easy. so i went to my favorite jamaican spot and got a beef pattie and cocoa bread. This was the only meal of the day.

I wasn’t hungry, but i had a sweet tooth for some candy; i’ll live.

At the end of the night i had a cup of Senna Smooth Move herbal laxative tea and went to sleep.

My weight today is 192 lbs. See you tomorrow.