Mixtape | 30 Greatest Hip-Hop Demos

Six weeks ago, Chairman Mao of XXL and Ego Trip fame, compiled a list of the 30 Greatest Hip-Hop Demos of all-time. Though the litany inspired the usual bickering about order and exclusions, the feature was as comprehensive as anyone could rightfully expect. Presumably, only a minor fraction of people reading this had heard demos from Organized Konfusion, DJ Shadow, Biggie and Mobb Deep.

There was a time long, long ago, just after the wheel was invented, that rappers would record their voices on these things called “tapes”, and then they’d try to get record execs to listen to their “demo tape” and sign them to “deals”. Virtually every rapper you know over 40 had went that route. I know, crazy huh? While the days of careers made or broken on the strength of some Memorex are deader than bin Laden,

Thankfully the good folks over at Complex put together a pretty fucking dope compilation of 30 of the greatest rap demos, and from early Biggie to Common, Public Enemy, Lord Finesse and much more, this should be mandatory listening for any true scholar of the art form. It’s crazy how much some rappers have changed – Eminem barely sounds like the Eminem we know and love. Do your homework and get to downloading. You’re welcome.

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The Notorious B.I.G. – Guaranteed Raw


Common – 2 The Temple


Courtesy of RefinedHype.com